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Ayaka Umeda   SOMEIRO Aquarium

広島を流れる太田川源流の町、安芸太田町。     山間地域ですが三段峡をはじめとして、水によって作られた美しい自然の多い地域です。

そこでどのような水中の世界を見ることができるでしょうか? 水族館のないこの地域で初の期間限定、アート水族館となります。



Town of Akiota is a town of headwater for Ota river flowing into the Hiroshima city. It's a mountainous areas,  

but has a numbers of beautiful breathtaking water scenic sights such as Sandankyo that was formed by water. What you could see the world of the underwater? This exhibition will be the first Art Aquarium (limited time) in Akiota, Hiroshima.

Please enjoy to see her art works that was influenced by the beautiful local nature or scenery and from her imagination.


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