Kids Wonderland x 「松岡隼矢展」

​(​12.2017~      4/1.2018 ~ 4/15.2018 )


そして個性豊かな子供達の遊びや学びから生まれてくるものは、とても面白いものばかり。画廊内のキッズワンダーランド は材料もいらなくなったダンボールの箱や、紙でほとんど何も形のないものからスタートし、想像と創造力で作られました。





   Cause of  a long winter season with snow in Akiota town, Hiroshima,​ we opened the gallery space to our local children  as a indoor creative art playground starting last December, 2017. At the space and by the times, kids wonderland was created many objects made by scratch using ordenary materials like boxes of cardboard & papers by local children. Their creations were so wonderful &  impressive, we as an artists were threatened by children's imagination. This exhibition will be held our desire for the viewer to experience the children's various brilliant works, great idea & expression.

   We think creations that express without a fixed & free concept and/or create from children's fresh view point and play might be a great hint to make a nice society & great community.  

 Learn from our children!To respect other's personality and creativity to live together, to imagine something fun and to enjoy now that might be a key for your happy future?







Shunya Matsuoka turned out to be a developmental disorder and intellectual disorder at the age of 2. His parents moved to Akiota town of Hiroshima cause of the desire to raise him in the warm community not in the disabled facility. From his unbalanced diet, he got symptoms of difficulty walking but he recovers after hospitalization for one year. However his diet did not improved, he is now in 5 years old maintaining his health to take nutrition through his nose.

​This exhibition is to show for one of our local children's briliant daily life and his very unique talent.

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