日本とアメリカ合衆国の協同制作 展

A Collaboration between Japan and the United State of America

(Hiroshima 71th Anniversary)

   宮本ルリ子             キャサリン サンドナス

Ruriko Miyamoto & Katherine Sandnas


​Artist Page


 A Collaboration between Japan and the United  States of America                   


Ryosokuin,Kenninji temple, Kyoto , The World Archaeology Congress presents




A Collaboration between Japan and the United States of America                   


Talley Gallery-Bemidji State University  (アメリカ)


art installation
with Artist, Ruriko Miyamoto
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​制作風景 (work in progress)


​(collect materials at river in Hiroshima )

滋賀県在住のアーティスト、宮本ルリ子さんとその知り合いのアメリカミネソタ州在住のアーティスト、キャサリン サンドナスさんのお二人が信楽の透光土と出会い、制作が始まりました。来日されたキャサリンさんの広島に行きたいという思いから広島訪問を経て、長崎の原爆資料館平和推進課の方から市内の土、葉、東日本大震災のあった福島いわき市の考古資料館の元館長様から提供された海砂、貝、花、知人のニューヨーク在住アーティストから提供されたテロのあったツインタワー向かいのセントポールチャペル教会の庭の土や葉など多くの方々の協力のもと、この作品が制作されました。


The works were created by Ruriko Miyamoto who lives and works in Shiga Prefecture, Japan and other artist, Katherine Sandnas from Minnesota state of USA. Project started when they find beautiful Shigaraki Translucent Clay and they wanted to make something together. When Katherine Visit to Japan, she asked to visit Hiroshima memorial peace park together, how the project started. Also the art works were created by with cooreration from many people in both country. They got materials such as the soil collected from the ground of Nagasaki Atomic Bomb museum, the sea sand, shell, flower from Iwaki city, Fukushima where is the Tohoku earthquake disaster area, soil from the site near by (ground of St. Paul's Chapel) at Ground Zero in New York City collected by another artist who live there.  

They shared the day and the past events that public awareness has changed in each country.  They recorded in the clay, formed as a book to document. The works contains many of the historical social messages, but they speak quietly in your mind and create the peaceful space in the gallery. The light came through from behind, the piece let you think past or imagine for the future and light up the present time of the world. Most important things for me is this is a collabration piece of people in Japan and the United States of America. The exhibition started Hiroshima where the project started and  travel to Kyoto and to the United States.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (from Minako Mizuno, Gallary owner)

この仕事は、共通の歴史的な出来事を通しての一つの見え方を提示しています。現時点において、私たちがこの出来事を共有すること、それは、何を意味するのでしょうか? (アーティストの言葉

Our work provides a unique lens which links our common heritage, and illuninates an understanding of what means to share this heritage at our present time in history. (from the artists)


   (We fired the following pieces on the Shigaraki Todo-Translucent Clay.)


Hiroshima river sand, leaves and seeds


Miyajima Hiroshima ocean sand


Nagasaki earth, leaves


Iwaki city, Fukushima ocean sand, shells, flowers


Pearl Harbor sand, leaves

ツインタワーの向かいのセント チャペル教会の庭の土、葉

St.Paul's Chapel Yard-earth and leaves

(directly across the street from the twin Towers)


Earth, sand and leaves of the United States of America




           Artist introduction


        Ruriko Miyamoto




I often use clay as a documentation medium, on the other hand clay is often referred to as a symbol of intangible material. as referenced by the statement "return to the soil"

  キャサリン サンドナス

           Katherine Sandnas


The hietorical aspects found within clay is powerful. Clay contains the cultural symbols of humankind and unite us as people.

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