"Our Sweet Home, 「ふるさと」とは。展 
ありがとう さようなら 安野小学校・中学校 
 Thank you and goodbye Yasuno Elementary and junior high school 
















     Koushi Yamada (video artist)

Artist Page: Kyushu Yamada



     Keita Ishino (film assistant)




cooperated by: Executive committee of  Thank you and Good-by Yasuno Elementary School and Junior High

The Akiota town(one of the smallest community in Hiroshima Prefecture) was born integrated with Kake, Togouchi and Tsutsuga area eleven years ago. Their schools has been also integrated because of the younger generation's population decline. This Yasuno elementaly school and junior high school was closed and had been abolished so long and now just starting to tear down.
The school is the place for children's education but also it existed as an centerpiece for its community and was intended to tie the bond of the local people. Think about our community or home town, we have so many school's memories and remembrancies.
It has been increasing a issue of school closed in nationwide in Japan and Yasuno elementary school and jounior high school was one of them.
mm peoject and video artist created film of School for their community. Artist filmed on their big farewell event last November. People came to see each other and enjoyed been inside the school and classrooms. Also they organized public auction for the school memorial objects to give those a new life.
With the time, change the scenery of the town and disappear the forms but hope to remain their wonderful memories in their mind and see again someday.
Our exhibition started March 6th through April 30th. 
Early spring has an important school events such as graduation and ceremony for school start in Japan. Please come and see our exhibition and chat with others !!
mm projectでは学校とのお別れ会や備品のリサイクルオークションを企画された地域の皆様の熱い想いを映像としてアーティストが記録に残しました。
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