The Life in Satoyama, Beautiful World of Wildflowers!

『里山で生きる! 楽しい野草の世界』

​ 日本の里山では、四季の変化で育つ野の草は時として厄介者として暮らしに大きく負担をかけるものでありますが、その素朴な美しさを愛でたり、いろいろの植物の持っている特徴を活かした生活をすることも昔から人々の生きる知恵としていかされてきました。里山の豊かさを生活の中で一緒に楽しもう!


The life in Satoyama, country life in Japan,  the grass growing in the four seasons change is sometimes trouble but by loving the simple beauty of wild flowers and nature, Japanese people had been taking advantage of the characteristics of various plants for living for a long time.


Let's enjoy the richness of satoyama living in your daily life.

We would like to introduce CHA- CHA-NO-WA in this event, cha-cha-no-wa is  the group of local tea making and their tea. Great mountain water in Akiota town makes a wonderful agriculture system even wild plants grown in the ground has a plentiful mountain mineral that makes a great tea.

Our installation shows you how to make a tea and tasting.  Lovely wa-harb sweets tasting are also made by next door cafe owner.

 Propose lifestyle goods with the theme of wildflowers, holiday decorations (wreath and swag) by flower artist, dishes, flower vases by mm project,  jewelry that was made by plant dyeing & the Japanese Batik painting were by other artists.

All the collaborators are connecting to this Akiota Town & local residence.



Chacha-no wa, a group of making Japanese wildflowers tea

​西本佳子 ハーブセラピスト と一緒に

Keiko Nishimoto (Herb therapist)


​山根文恵 (cafe Rin オーナー)

​Fumie Yamane ( cafe Rin owner)


 Sweets making with local wildflowers 

大西美穂 戸NONAKA オーナー、フラワーアーティス

​Miho Onishi (flower shop, To-Nonaka owner)



​Holiday Wreath and swag making with local wildflowers

梅田綾香 (アーティスト)

Ayaka Umeda (Artist)


Artworks , Japanese Batik paintings drawn wildflowers by the artist

水野美奈子 mm projectオーナー)

Minako Mizuno (Art Gallery owner)


​Tea cups, dishes ( plates& bowls ), flower vases & other household goods drawn wildflowers 



​tray making workshop



tea cup making workshop


Hyou Tami (Artist)


jewelry making & wool Yarn by plant dyeing