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​平野薫は、古着や靴などの人が使った布を1本づつ糸ヘとばらし、並び替えて新しい形へと生まれかえるという方法で作品を制作しています。繊細な糸から構成される彼女の作品は、鑑賞者の動きや環境の変化から生じる微細な空気の流れにさえ呼応して揺れ動きます。その作品の佇まいは、事物の気配や時間の流れを想起させます。本展覧会『コイノボリ サカノボリ』では、安芸太田町の庫に保管されていた古いコウノボリを膨大な時間をかけて糸へと解体し、展示空間に再現させます。長い時間蔵の中で眠っていたコイノボリは、ゆっくりと時をサカノボリ、記憶の川を泳ぎ始めます。

KOINOBORI -a retrospective aerial fish-


mm project is pleased to present an exhibition of Kaoru Hirano “KOINOBORI - a retrospective aerial fish-”.


Kaoru Hirano, her work is created by deconstructing a once-worn clothing or shoes to its components by thread by thread, rebirth them by reunited to a new form.

Her creative work consists of the breathtaking delicate threads, it moves by subtle flow of air by the viewers movement or in the current environment as if it is alive.

The appearance of the works are to trace its exist, also let people to imagine the flow of time.


In this installation, artist recreate old carp streamer (***Koinobori ) that had been keeping in the Japanese traditional storage, Kura so many years in a small country town, Akiota, Hiroshima.


Taking endless amount of times, it was deconstructed to threads unraveling its past memories and/or history to transform into the present time in the exhibition space.


By the artist, this KOINOBORI that had been sleeping in a darkness for half century is to be breathe in the air,  spinning its live in reverse. 

KOINOBORI begins streaming up the river of memories and going back in time again.


*** Koinobori ("carp streamer") is a carp-shaped wind socks flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku, a traditional event of children's day(boy's day).

They are made of paper, cloth in the past and other nonwoven fabric in today.

Japanese consider Koi fish is the most spirited fish,  full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running stream.

​by Kaoru Hirano & mm project

Kaoru Hirano, art installation

                   untitled - koinobori, 2017, carp streamer/cotton fabric 


gallery installation 8.76' (h)  x  16' (w)  x 16' (d),  (Size will be variable depend on the installation.)

 Kaoru Hirano, art installation
Kaoru Hirano, art installation
Kaoru Hirano, koinobori
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