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コイノボリ サカノボリ vol.2


平野 薫

​KOINOBORI- a retrospective areal fish vol.2


Kaoru Hirano

art installation

untitled-koinobori red- 2017     ​installation view​ 12'(w) x 12'(d) x 8'(h)

rope #1

13" (h) x 2" (w)









This koinobori was once connected by a rope and flown in the sky, and was wrapped by rope in the warehouse for generations in Japan.

 "untitled, koinobori-red" just came back from her journey in Germany. 

This installation including other works, rope #2 (made by part of black koinobori installed in 2017) & rope #1 (made by the part of red koinobori) , street series works collaborate each other to remember  her last  exhibition in 2017 and connect current time.


koinobori - a retrospective aerial fish, both beautiful artworks will exist a symbol of peaceful society not only in Japan, but for all nations beyond original  meaning & role.


Please  imagine to flow those in the blue sky of the beautiful day anywhere and anytime.




"street" 作品 (アーティストのコメント)




" street " by Kaoru Hirano

Those are the maps which I corrected at the place where I did make a trips. I did cut it out leaving only the streets.

Each time I arrive the town far from my home, I realize towns I visited are all connected. Even though there is a place separated by the ocean, it is connected by the aircraft or the ship. When you realize that the street where you standing now is also connected to the world, you can think more closer what is happening in other countries.

street-Augsburg 2016  (2017)

17"(w) x 17"(h)

rope #2


​5.5" (w) x 4.4" (h)

part of the artwork (detail)


street - Basel 2015 (2017)

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